Lisbon Coast - Portuguese Riviera


Where the sun is brighter. A surprising and full of glamour destination chosen by royalties in the past and by a sophisticated client in the present.

Back in time, in the 30’s and 40’s from the last century, while Europe was going through some dark days, Cascais was the famous refuge for the European Aristocracy and Elite. From kings to diplomats, directors and cinema artists, to writers, businessmen and bankers, they all arrived to Estoril on the mythical sud-express train, which linked this destination with Paris, attracted by its safe environment, endured by Portugal’s neutrality in conflict, mild climate, clear waters, boutiques, luxury hotels, terraces and of course the Estoril Casino. Times changed and so did peoples desires, yet the charm, glamour and essence of the Cascais “lifestyle” still remain, and so this town, with its privileged location, is back in fashion.

Nearly 20 km far from Lisbon (30 minutes from the international Lisbon airport by bus), Cascais fascinates its visitors by its immensity of natural and cultural attractions. Situated at Costa de Lisboa, the precursor of tourism in Portugal, Cascais has not lost any of its original features of a fishing village. Cascais are the beaches of soft sand, the sea that spreads along the coast, the evergreen vegetation. This village is full of entertainment, good and standard restaurants, pubs, bars and discotheques.

On Estoril’s popular beach the sunbather can glance up from his cabana and see a tiny, perfect castle sharing the sand a stone’s throw away. This castle is not historic it only picture pretty and romantic. Sophisticated Estoril is much more than a regal retirement village, however, it’s very well equipped to provide entertainment to the holidaymaker. Its Casino, under new management, is now a magnet for international society, a glittering glass building housing a cinema, restaurant, nightclub with international floor shows and a dance orchestra, and of course the gaming rooms for the adventurous. The casino garden, which stretches from the front of the building almost to the water’s edge, is scrupulously maintained and is a riot of colour year round.

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